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Fiskidjan Bylgja is only minutes away from one of Iceland's richest fishing grounds

Fiskidjan Bylgja is located in Olafsvik at the entrance of Breidafjordur, one of Icelands richest and most important fishing grounds. We process over 15 different species of fish from our clean Icelandic waters. Fresh fish is bought from the fish market daily and is processed directly in our fish processing plant. Our main production is frozen fish products using the freshest raw material available. We also deliver fresh frozen fish mainly to Scandinavia and the European market. 
   Fiskidjan Bylgja participates in "Responsible fisheries", the sustainable fishing policy of Iceland. This policy of continual research and management of the fish stocks in Icelandic waters is widely gaining reputation abroad. Fiskidjan Bylgja also participates actively at a local level and supports innovative projects like "Local food" in the western part of Iceland and "Act Cool" together with the Faroe Islands and Greenland.
   Todays consumers are increasingly demanding that food production is managed in an environmentally friendly, ethical, and socially responsible manner. Fiskidjan Bylgja's goal is to provide our customers with fresh, frozen fish, that is caught with responsible and sustainable methods of harvesting the ocean's resources.





Sustainable, fresh, frozen fish from one of the cleanest and richest fishing grounds in the world

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  • BRC Certification


    Fiskiðjan Bylgja in Ólafsvík has been certified towards BRC.  For the last months we have been working on upgrading our quality system towards BRC in order to strenghten our operations and our company towards our customers abroad.  It is clear that demands from customers and markets are growing towards quality and proof of ...

  • Our new logo stands for the quality and sustainability of our products

    Our blue skatefish gets a makeover. With increasing exports, investments in better technology and quality management, the need for a new, more contemporary logo became clear.  A logo that stands for freshness, quality and shows the origin of our products, i.e. Iceland. It is important that our customers are able to trace the origin of our fish, that is harvested in a sustainable, responsible ...

  • Fiskidjan Bylgja hf receives a HACCP certificate

    In 2010 our product line and methods were certificated by the HACCP standards for the food industry by FAO, (The Food and Agricultural Organization of the UN). HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) is especially focused on hygienic and clean ...

Fiskidjan Bylgja hf deals mainly in 15 different species of fish depending on season and availability. Following is a list of our most common species:


Ocean Perch
Common Ling
Witch Flounder
Common Dab 

Iceland responsible fisheries